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Triumph over adversity, bright futures dominate sports stories

by TJ Kremer III, Editor Sports, High School, Youth, Alumni-College

What a year in sports.

Over the last 12 months, The Messenger has shared not only the statistics and box scores from our local high school teams, but we’ve gone deeper to bring readers the stories behind the linescores...

Give me a B-U-R-R-O-S

by T.J. Kremer III, Editor Sports, Youth

If winning one state title is good, then taking home two is better.

Come to think of it, three would be even better than two.

You know what?! To heck with it: Why not just take them all?!


From worst to first: JV Mokena Burros take title

by T.J. Kremer III, Editor Sports, Youth

If Vegas were taking odds on the 2018 Pop Warner youth football program, then the Mokena Burros would probably have been longshots to open the season based on their 2017 record of 1-7-1.

But, as they say, that’s why...