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NBA world champion, All-Star D-Wade signals final camp at LW Central

August 13, 2018 by Tom O'Connor, Freelance Reporter Sports, Youth

The August sun permeated through each window, enough to radiate the Lincoln-Way Central fieldhouse.

The cooling fans, strategically placed along the track, energized the day’s entertainment, emitting a sound that best...

Youths show off skills in library talent show

by Megan Schuller, Freelance Reporter News, Youth

As the annual summer reading programs wraps up this week, the Mokena Community Public Library District gave its participants a chance to take to the stage on July 24 to perform an act.

Participants in grades fourth...

Noonan Academy student wins division in state open water championship

by Randy Whalen, Freelance Reporter Sports, Youth

Imagine swimming nearly a mile and a quarter on an open lake. Then imagine doing that in less than 25 minutes and, lastly, imagine doing that at the age of 12.

That’s what Noonan Academy eighth-grader Lauren O’Connor...

Photos: Spiking success

by James Sanchez, Contributing Editor Sports, Youth

Knights’ co-ed junior high volleyball camp shows athletes high school culture.