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The Ultimate 17 B Gold team consisting of players from Lincoln-Way East, Lincoln-Way Central, Lincoln-Way West and other schools finished second at a USAV Boys’ Junior National Championships event in Phoenix on July 9. Pictured in the front row are Joe Hovanes (left to right), David Flores (LWW), Danny Pacini (LWE), Ben Pluskota (LWW), Jack Yurkanin (LWC). Pictured in the back row is Coach Lou (left to right), Chris Dargan (LWW), Nick Studer (LWW), Andy Wilkinson, Zach Bultuis, Will MvPhillips (LWE), Marty Jepsen, Louden Moran (LWW), Coach Josh Scaletta and Coach Troy Vidovic. Photo Submitted
Staff Report
5:00 am CDT August 9, 2018
Club volleyball team with players from all three LW schools places runner-up in national tournament