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Summit Hill Junior High seventh-graders (left to right) Shayne Bonshire, Kailey McMahon and Geena DiBenedetto experiment with UV beads April 12 to learn about solar energy. The school installed solar panels over the summer and began working with them in the classroom this past week. Photos by Kirsten Onsgard/22nd Century Media
Seventh-graders (left to right) Mackenzie O’Brien, Brigid Costello and Kylie Shaughnessy work with small solar panels in Roxanne Rodgers’ class.
Social studies and science teacher Roxanne Rodgers discusses how temperature and sunlight affect solar panels.
Students record the results of their experiment, finding that warm, not hot, temperatures and maximum sunlight are best for solar panels.
Kirsten Onsgard, Contributing Editor
6:52 am CDT April 19, 2017
Summit Hill Junior High seventh-grader Amanda Butryn dipped a thermometer into three beakers: one ice cold, one warm, one hot. She and her classmates watched the tiny UV beads inside, illuminated by an overhead projector.