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T.J. Kremer III, Editor
1:58 pm CDT July 2, 2019
The Southwest Suburban Activists group issued on its Facebook page Tuesday, July 2, a call for the Village of Mokena to “not glorify the Confederacy” by allowing the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry to participate in a scheduled firing of cannons during Mokena’s Fourth of July events.


We used to have the re enactment every year here. Many of us looked forward to it. Contrary to all the PC fright, it was done tastefully and with dignity and sensitivity. It was enjoyable and taught many a child and adult about the ravages of war then and the ways the wounded were cared for. In all the years we attended, we Never heard or saw any behavior that was descrimitory in any way. I believe it is very overboard to not allow these informative re enactments. Let them continue and let the parents and children decide for themselves whether to attend.

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