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Southwest Suburban Activists Director Emily Biegel reads chants during a protest against immigration policies Friday, July 12. Approximately 60 protestors showed up on a bridge over Lincoln Highway in Mokena for the nation-wide Lights for Liberty campaign. Photos by Yasmeen Sheikah/22ndCentury Media
Approximately 60 protestors line a bridge over Lincoln Highway in Mokena.
A protestor holds up a sign relating to political asylum.
South Suburban Activists' Treasurer Cathy Griffin holds a homemade sign during Lights for Liberty.
Loretta Kucharczyk, of Mokena, holds her sign of a quote by Elie Wiesel.
Jeremy James, of Mokena, plays a tune for peace.
John Ganeff, of Mt. Greenwood, reads off chants during Lights for Liberty.
David Ginsburg (left), and Tim (middle) and Lisa Wiencek, of Mokena, hold candles in support of immigration reform.
Pam and Tim Good, of Manhattan, come to Mokena to show support for Lights for Liberty.
Yasmeen Sheikah, Freelance Reporter
4:00 am CDT July 16, 2019
Protesters rallied on a bridge at 12063 Prestancia Drive in Mokena Friday, July 12, taking part in Lights for Liberty: A Vigil to End Human Detention Camps.