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Five-year-old Lia Vukelic, of Mokena, picks out her favorite paczki at Fleckensteins Bakery Tuesday, March 5. Photos by Megan Schuller/22nd Century Media
Fleckenstein’s Bakery employee Alyssa Salerno, of New Lenox, prepares paczkis for the customers who began showing up at 5 a.m. when the bakery opened.
Paczki come in a variety of fruit-filled flavors, but one of the more popular choices this year was the strawberry with whipped cream topping.
Megan Schuller, Assistant Editor
10:29 am CST March 5, 2019
Five-year-old Lia Vukelic, of Mokena, looked at the paczki eye level to her through the glass and smiled as she pointed at the one she wanted.