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The student orchestra rehearses Thursday, April 4, with the cast of Providence Catholic High School Theatre Club’s presentation of Disney’s “Freaky Friday: The Musical.” Photos by Rochelle McAuliffe/22nd Century Media
Chloe LaBine (left,) a sophomore from Mokena, and her sister Alyssa, a senior, end an emotional scene with a hug.
Choreographer Rosie Knezz (middle) helps cast members to solidify a dance number.
Rochelle McAuliffe, Freelance Reporter
4:00 am CDT April 10, 2019
It’s a story that started 47 years ago as a book, and since has been adapted to two major films and a TV movie. The story is one that, though it has evolved since its birth, has helped both adults and teens understand the nuances that come with each stage of life. And even though it’s called “Freaky Friday,” it’s a story that’s good for any day of the week.