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The Lincoln-Way Central Madrigals group takes their seats at the head table for the 49th annual Madrigal Dinner, held Dec. 6-8 at Lincoln-Way Central’s Fine Arts Center. Rochelle McAuliffe/22nd Century Media
Lincoln-Way Central Madrigals (left to right) Emily Lange, senior; Brooke Rush, sophomore; Bridget Gaier, senior; Sammi Boyle, senior; and Kamryn Samoska, senior, greet guests Dec. 8 with their music from their brass ensemble.
Tom Cook, a senior, plays the Jester, who greets and entertains the crowd before the show.
Rochelle McAuliffe, Freelance Reporter
3:49 pm CST December 17, 2018
Forty-nine years of excellence. Forty-nine years of tradition. Since 1970, the Lincoln-Way community has celebrated the season with the sound of music – performed by none other than their own Lincoln-Way Central Madrigal Singers. During the weekend of Dec. 6-8, the group once again enchanted the community with their 49th Annual Madrigal Dinner.