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Mokena Munchies: Bacon dressing transforms boring salads

by Beth Krooswyk, Contributing Columnist Opinion, Contributing Columnists

Who says lettuce salads are boring? Not when bacon is involved.

I admit this dressing doesn’t look spectacular because it does turn out a little bit chunky, but the taste sure is amazing and worth it.


From the Editor: On the value of non-competitiveness

by T.J. Kremer III, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

There was some discussion this week about where to place the Special Olympics story.

Our weekly routine in the Southwest branch at 22nd Century Media is to have staff meetings on Tuesdays. During those meetings, the...

Robin’s Nest: Claiming our comeback

by Robin Melvin, Contributing Columnist Opinion, Contributing Columnists

Hello, friends. I pray your new year is going well. Last year was a difficult one for me. Maybe you’re glad to see 2018 in the rear-view mirror, too.

Hindsight helps us see things more clearly for sure. It’s good to...