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From the Editor: On the value of a free lunch

by T.J. Kremer III, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

There’s an unfortunate paradox that often accompanies news stories: In order to report on the good done by someone or someones or organizations of someones, there must first be something bad that happens.

Such is the...

From the Assistant Editor: Band memories march in your mind forever

by Megan Schuller, Assistant Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Once a band kid, always a band kid.

I can still picture it in my mind’s eye: the smell of the freshly cut football field, the faded farmer’s tan lines, the windburn on my cheeks from the brisk autumn wind and the...

Letter to the Editor: Support Mokena D159 referendum

by Submitted Content Opinion, Letters to the Editor

I attended a recent forum at Mokena School District 159 concerning a proposed tax referendum in April 2019. This referendum, if passed, would fund much needed building maintenance and structural repairs of our three schools. Slides...