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Contributing Columnists

Robin Melvin, Contributing Columnist

Robin’s Nest: Reclaim your resilience
4:00 am CDT July 20, 2019 by Robin Melvin, Contributing Columnist Opinion, Contributing Columnists
I started six documents on my computer, got frustrated, scrolled through Facebook, replied to comments, checked email, replied to emails, swept the floor, shook out the kitchen rug, stared at my computer, fed the cat, vacuumed, checked the weather, stared at the computer, texted cute emojis to Jeff, made my bed and thought about mopping floors.

Matt Galik, Contributing Columnist

Matt’s Old Mokena: Building’s rich history tells tales of Mokena’s past
4:00 am CDT June 17, 2019 by Matt Galik, Contributing Columnist Opinion, Contributing Columnists
On Front Street there stands a simple building with an old-fashioned false front and two front doors, portals through which Mokenians of all walks of life have passed.

Beth Krooswyk, Contributing Columnist

Mokena Munchies: Deconstructed egg rolls make meal rotation cut
7:44 am CDT May 13, 2019 by Beth Krooswyk, Contributing Columnist Opinion, Contributing Columnists
Type “egg roll in a bowl” into a browser, and you’ll be rewarded with lots of recipe variations. It’s a concept that many people have put their own spin on out there in Internetland.