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Benny ‘Mr. Benny’ Leonardo, shown here with his wife Joy, died Oct. 1. He leaves behind a legacy spanning seven decades. Photo submitted
A tribute to Benny “Mr. Benny” Leonardo sits in the front entrance of the restaurant that bears his name. Leonardo died on Oct. 1. T.J. Kremer III/22nd Century Media
Benny Leonardo, shown here with his grandson, Luther Courvoisier, was known in the area as a man who enjoyed connecting with his customers. Photo submitted
T.J. Kremer III, Editor
4:47 pm CDT October 16, 2017
“Old school” is a phrase that’s tossed around, oftentimes applied to something or someone simply because of its age. But “old school” can mean much more than that; it can be indicative of the way a person lives their life, and a throwback to a time when business practices weren’t so much corporate policy as common sense.