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Firth, a Heartland Service Dogs puppy in training, investigates a chew toy inside the puppy pen during a puppy cuddling event June 6 in Mokena. Photos by Amanda Stoll/22nd Century Media
Ava Brennanm, of New Lenox, spends some time with Piper, one of the ten puppies born in April as part of the Heartland Service Dogs program. After each of the dogs completes about 18 months of training, they will go through advanced training specific to the health conditions and physical disabilities of the people they will serve as adult dogs.
Audrey Ruff (left) and Lynne Buntman, both of Frankfort, meet and pet MacGregor and Dougan at the puppy cuddling event hosted by the Heartland Service Dogs, a Mokena-based nonprofit that trains service dogs for people in need of mobility or hearing assistance or those who have diabetes or PTSD.
Linda Fox, director of Heartland Service Dogs, poses for a photo with Angus, one of the 10 puppies she is raising in her home until they are old enough to go into foster care. With the help of the organization’s volunteers and foster pet parents ­— aka “puppy raisers” — the pups will be trained as service dogs.
Amanda Stoll, Assistant Editor
4:28 pm CDT June 11, 2018
A puppy cuddling event sounds like some unrealistic dream of every dog lover out there. But last week in Mokena that cute, cuddly event was a reality in Mokena.