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Illusionist Bill Cook makes sure the audience is actively participating in order for his next trick to go as planned during his hour-long set of tricks at Mokena Community Library District on Saturday, Sept. 8. Photos by Rochelle McAuliffe/22nd Century Media
Rylee Buchler, 8, of Mokena, is stunned by the reappearing balloon dog trick.
Using a regular balloon, Cook was able to thread a giant needle through the balloon without damaging it.
Rochelle McAuliffe, Freelance Reporter
5:00 am CDT September 14, 2018
While some magicians can be as predictable as the rabbit in the hat trick, others can truly make you question the reality unfolding in front of their eyes. On Saturday, Sept. 8, guests at the Mokena Community Public Library District were mystified by the performance of Master Illusionist Bill Cook.