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Youth football: Youth football leagues taking safety head on

by T.J. Kremer III, Editor Sports, Youth

Football is an inherently violent sport. Very few people would dispute that. There’s no real way of getting around that violent aspect of the game and still have it called “football.” The game is filled with violent collisions on...

Youth sports: Gymnastics class brings ‘American Ninja Warrior’ to Mokena

by Megann Horstead, Freelance Reporter Sports, Youth

For anyone who’s watched NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior,” there’s a Mokena gymnastics training facility with a new class hooking in young boys a cut above the rest, its owner said. 

Gym-Kinetics Gymnastics, located at...

Youth hockey team prepares for national title defense

by Craig McCarthy, Freelance Reporter Sports, Youth

On Monday and Wednesday nights the Arctic Ice Arena in Orland Park is where you’ll find the Pee Wee hockey team known as the Vikings. This team of children aged 12 years and younger consists of 17 players from the surrounding area. ...