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Members of local homeschooling families pose for a photo Jan. 3 at the Beechy family home in Frankfort. Pictured are (left to right) Beth Reina, Jase Willis, Aimee Willis, Graham Willis, Maisy Willis, Dean Willis, June Willis, Macy Beechy, Wayde Beechy, Calvino Pistorio, Megan Pistorio, Toretto Pistorio, Melissa Beechy and Mila Beechy. Nuria Mathog/22nd Century Media
Nuria Mathog, Contributing Editor
10:46 am CST March 6, 2020
Melissa Beechy first came across the idea of homeschooling her future children when her now-husband, Wayde, brought it up during the couple’s first date. At the time, she dismissed the concept as “totally crazy.”