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Photo Poll

Week of September 26, 2014

What’s your favorite holiday?

“My favorite is Halloween because my whole family does a [costume] theme together, and I dress up with them. This year we’re dressing as zombies together, and my little brother can finally walk so he will too.” 

Alejandra Tarala

“Mine’s Christmas because I get to spend time with family. And then on Christmas Eve, we play a game with everybody.”

Sarah Kubik

“My favorite holiday is Christmas, because you get lots of presents and you get to see Santa’s footprints.”

Ryan Compton

“Halloween, because you get to get candy and dress up as cool things.”

Hailey Swiech

Week of September 24, 2014

What’s one goal you’ve set for yourself for this school year?

“To maintain A’s in all of my honors classes.”

Anthony Villa

“Get better grades than last year.” 

Kirby Edelen

“I want to get high honors every semester for the rest of the school year.” 

Tiffany Georgacopoulos

“To be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Xuxa Santos