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Week of October 27, 2014

What’s one book you had to read for school that you didn’t enjoy?

“‘Blizzard of Glass.’ It’s a nonfiction [book] so it’s kind of bland — it just tells you something. [And] it wouldn’t stay on topic and would just jump to another one.” 

Anthony Latronica

“‘Lord of the Flies,’ because at first the children could do whatever they wanted on the island. Then they realized what was really happening.” 

Jonathan Williford

“I didn’t like ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ because it was too hard to understand. And the language.” 

Luke Molnar

“‘Fever.’ I just didn’t like the concept. It didn’t really catch my attention as I was reading it.”

Shane Murphy

Week of October 17, 2014

What did you name your pet, and why did you choose that name?

“My dog is Mile Stone, because he was a milestone in my life. But for short, we call him Miles.”

Ethan Olson

“It’s a dog. I named him Tuck, because his father’s name was Tucker.”

Robin Hurst

“Lola. I don’t know [why] but it had something to do with that song [by The Kinks]. I think my mom was singing it.”

Matt Krugman

“I named my pet [dog] Bear. I named it Bear because he has black, brown and white coloring, like a black, brown and polar bear. Plus you can see his nails ... kind of like a bear.”

Grace McMann