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Photo Poll

Week of August 12, 2014

What’s your favorite memory from your years in school?

“When my teacher told me to do a science experiment, and I did it successfully and she hugged me.” 

Cecylia Kupiec

“Going back to visit my eighth-grade teacher [while I was] in high school and talking about books [with him].” 

Emily Davis

“Winning state for volleyball [at Lincoln-Way East].”

Carson Slager

“Going back to band practice [after summer vacation], because you finally got to see everyone from over the summer.” 

Kim Ward

Week of August 4, 2014

If you could play in any band, which one would it be?

“The Beatles. I grew up listening to the Beatles. [They’ve] just been a part of my family for 18 years — as long as I can remember.”

Zack Szajkovics

“Nirvana. They’re just awesome. They started a whole new revolution with the grunge era. And Kurt Cobain is the bomb.”

Heather Rojas

“The Beatles, 100 percent. Greatest band of all time.”

Emily Hamm

“The Scott Kircher Band. He’s such a humble dude, but still very active at HCCC [Hickory Creek Community Church].”

Jim Coyle