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From the Editor

Moving forward

by Danny Ciamprone, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

There is not much I can say about the closing of Lincoln-Way North High School that has not already been said. In fact, I am really not in a position to be saying anything at all.

The fact remains that I have only had...

United we must stand

by Joe Coughlin, Executive Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Rivalries are as inevitable as they are timeless. They began as soon as the second organism arrived on Earth. Then, there was a competition to survive. Our first animals were the same way, and then the first humans. Across time, of...

The addiction that is known as volunteering

by Danny Ciamprone, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Last week I got a chance to catch up a bit with Joe Kral, director of the Mokena Knights of Columbus.

In case you have not heard, the Knights do an abundance of work in the community and support several organizations...