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From the Editor

Beating the bee: Memories from a former stellar speller

by Tim Carroll, Editor Opinion, From the Editor


That is the word I misspelled in my third-grade spelling bee.

The details are a little hazy. I’m not 100 percent certain it was third grade, for instance, and I do not remember for sure...

Where we’re going ... we’ll probably still need roads

by Tim Carroll, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

In the grand scheme of things, not a whole lot changed in 2016.

It was a year that I have heard from many people was the worst in their memory. 

In some ways, it was kind of lousy. Sure, celebrities...

Looking forward to what 2017 has in store

by Amanda Stoll, Assistant Editor Opinion, From the Editor

While my time at the Lincoln-Way area papers has so far been short, I can already reflect on my time here and the great people I’ve had the opportunity to meet and the experiences I’ve had.

I would be hard pressed to...