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Contributing Columnists

Allan Holder, Marley Community Church

Many phrases to describe God’s blessings
4:43 pm CDT May 20, 2014 by Allan Holder, Marley Community Church Contributing Columnists, Life & Arts

There are a lot of old sayings that stick in our heads.

Beth Krooswyk, Contributing Columnist

Munchies: Mix it up with some curry tuna salad
9:00 am CST November 12, 2015 by Beth Krooswyk, Contributing Columnist Contributing Columnists, Life & Arts

I know what you are thinking: Curry? In tuna salad? Yes, that’s not a typo. 

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The great zuke bread debate
A sweet GF/DF/EF treat

Jay Margalus, Contributing Columnist

Helping those who help others
4:55 pm CDT September 4, 2014 by Jay Margalus, Contributing Columnist Opinion, Contributing Columnists

How would you like four new, fully-outfitted computers and a flat screen TV for free? Don’t everybody speak at once now.