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The Dish: A culinary adventure comes to New Lenox

by Nuria Mathog, Contributing Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

Long before they launched their new restaurant, co-owners Bryan and Churairut “Oy” Hunsaker had a single goal in mind: to bring the flavors of Thai food to the southwest suburbs in a convenient, accessible way.

For the...

The Dish: Kismet carries on as family business of destiny

by Thomas Czaja, Contributing Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

Kismet means destiny or faith  in Turkish.

When the Kismet restaurant was first opened in Orland Park in 1977 by Roy Tufekcioglu, it was an act of faith — one that materialized in four decades and counting of selling...

The Dish: Around the world in less than 80 dishes

by T.J. Kremer III, Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

A black sheep is normally defined as someone or something that is an outcast, different, not the norm.

Black Sheep in Orland Park fits right in with that traditional usage, and the restaurant is proud of it.